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  • Deficiency of anterior pituitary hormones

    • ACTH → cortisol deficiency (2° adrenal insufficiency)

      • Tx w/ Hydrocortisone (note: mineralocorticoid replacement not necessary)

    • TSH → hypothyroidism

    • Gonadotropins (LH/FSH) → anovulation, perimenopausal symptoms in females, testicular hypofunction in males

    • Growth hormone (GH) → short stature in children, Δ in body composition in adults

    • Prolactin → inability to lactate

  • Causes:

    • Hypothalamus: tumors (ex craniopharyngiomas), RTX, infiltrative lesions (ex sarcoidosis), infxn (ex meningitis), TBI, stroke (ischemic, hemorrhagic)

      • can also lead to ↓ vasopressin --> diabetes insipidus

    • Pituitary gland: mass lesion (ex pituitary adenoma), pituitary surgery, pituitary infarction (ex Sheehan syndrome after postpartum hemorrhage), RTX, pituitary apoplexy (sudden hemorrhage into pituitary gland), congenital dz, hypophysitis, hemochromatosis



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