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  • Measure BP @ peak postpartum BP (3-6 days postpartum)

  • Evaluate women w/ postpartum HTN for preeclampsia

  • Consider continuing antiHTN tx postpartum

  • Treat severe postpartum HTN to keep SBP <160 mmHg & DBP <110 mmHg

  • Keep BP <140/90 mmHg in women w/ co-morbidities (consider tx in women w/o co-morbidities)

  • Keep BP <130/80 mmHg in women w/ pre-gestational DM

  • AntiHTN agents generally acceptable with breastfeeding:

    • Nifedipine XL

    • Labetalol

    • Methyldopa

    • Captopril, enalapril

  • No NSAIDs postpartum if HTN difficult to control, evidence of kidney dysfxn, or low plts

  • Consider postpartum thromboprophylaxis if preeclampsia



Adapted from SOGC Clinical Practice Guideline. Diagnosis, Evaluation, and Management of the Hypertensive Disorders of Pregnancy: Executive Summary. J Obstet Gynaecol Can 2014;36(5):416–438

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