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Ehlers Danlos 




  • A type of connective tissue disorder 

  • Characterized by skin hyperextensibility, joint hypermobility, & tissue fragility

  • Classified into 13 subtypes: classical, classical-like, cardiac-valvular, vascular, hypermobile, arthrochalasia, dermatosparaxis, kyphoscoliotic, Brittle Cornea syndrome, spondylodysplastic, musculocontractural, myopathic, periodontal

    • Vascular type associated with ↑ risk of death 




  • Multisystem disease:

    • High risk of bleeding & friable tissue → affects ETT placement, regional techniques, invasive lines 

      • ​Desmopressin useful if bleeding 

    • Cardiovascular: mitral regurgitation, proximal aortic dilatation, conduction abnormalities

    • Spontaneous ruptures: bowel, uterus, or major arteries 

    • Skin laxity/fragility & joint hypermotility

  • ↑ risk pneumothorax: keep low airway pressures 

  • Regional anesthesia is relatively contraindicated due to hematoma risk 



Pregnancy Considerations


  • Very difficult management, requires multidisciplinary effort 

  • High risk of preterm labor, uterine rupture, & hemorrhage 

  • Neuraxial relatively contraindicated, may need GA 

  • If vascular type, recommendations are either termination of pregnancy or cesarean section before 32 weeks 



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