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Cleft Lip & Palate 





  • Potential difficult airway (especially bag mask ventilation):

    • Careful airway plan required  

    • Ensure direct laryngoscope does not enter cleft!

  • Swallowing dysfunction:

    • Lung soiling, restrictive lung disease 

    • Malnutrition

  • Associated craniofacial disorders/congenital diseases:

    • Pierre-Robin

    • Cogenital heart disease in 20%

  • Post-op airway complications:

    • Laryngospasm

    • Edema/obstruction (surgery makes airway management more difficult)





  • Assess airway for bag mask ventilation, laryngoscopy, & establish sequential airway plan

  • Evaluate for congenital heart disease & other congenital abnormalities 

  • Safe post-op airway management 


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