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CAS 2023 Fasting Recommendations 

  • Adults

    • Clear Fluids: 2 hrs

    • Non human milk: 6 hours

    • Any meal containing solids: 6 hrs

  • Pediatrics

    • Breast milk: 4 hrs

    • Non human milk: 6 hours

      • Formula: 6 hrs

  • Anti-acids in labouring women

    • An H2 receptor antagonist (oral or intravenous) is recommended for all women presenting for Cesarean delivery

    • 30cc of oral sodium citrate (0.3 molar) is recommended prior to an emergent Cesarean delivery if general anesthesia is planned

  • Reference

    • Dobson G, Chau A, Denomme J, et al. Guidelines to the Practice of Anesthesia: Revised Edition 2023. Can J Anaesth. 2023;70(1):16-55. doi:10.1007/s12630-022-02368-0

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